What is Google Possum?

Released on September 1, 2016, Possum is an algorithm update affecting local search results on Google. Long story short, Possum diversifies local results by filtering clusters of similar businesses located very close to each other so that only the best listings in each cluster are shown to the user.

Possum also had an impact on the local rankings of businesses with addresses just outside the demarcated borders of municipalities recognized by Google. Prior to Possum, these businesses would struggle significantly to earn local rankings. After Possum, earning local rankings became more of an even playing field.


Anecdotal Speculation About Google Possum

Nothing below has been proven definitively however there is anecdotal evidence supporting each claim.

  • Possum increased the importance of a searcher’s proximity to businesses.

  • Possum reduced the value of a business’s Organic Rankings when determining its Local Rankings.


What Are Header Tags?

Header Tags define HTML headings & are organized <h1> to <h6>. Search engines consider the text in your Header Tags to be the most important text elements on your website, more important than standard webpage copy. We optimize your Header Tags so that they are search engine friendly.