What To Expect

This isn’t your grandmother’s SEO Audit. This is an exhaustive dissection and analysis of your website from both internal and external standpoints to provide a comprehensive SEO Audit that you can reference to improve your website’s performance. Our Free SEO Audit includes:

We’ll take a look at the digital landscape within which your business operates. This includes an in-depth evaluation of the keywords your target audience uses to find the products and/or services you sell (Keyword Research) and the websites competing for these keywords (Competing Domains Analysis). This allows us to create what we call Digital Situational Awareness – a comprehensive understanding of your digital market and what you need to do to win it.

If your website isn’t search engine friendly then it won’t rank in search results. If your website doesn’t rank in search results it is effectively invisible and won’t get found by customers looking for keywords relevant to your business. We analyze your website’s technical elements to determine their search engine friendliness and let you know what improvements can be made to improve. 

If your website isn’t user friendly then you’ll never convert users into leads and customers, regardless of how search engine friendly your website is. We examine your website’s content, structure, user flows, and more to determine its user friendliness and provide an itemized list of things you can do to make your website more user friendly. 

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