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Millions of people search geographically specific keywords everyday looking for businesses and/or services near them. These are high-intent leads actively looking for nearby solutions – 88% of consumers who input a local search query visit a store within a day. Increase awareness and revenue by maximizing your exposure to these highly qualified leads.


SEO by the Numbers

SEO is the most cost-effective digital marketing strategy available to businesses today. Explore some of the stats that contribute the most to this valuable edge.

of adults in the U.S. use the Internet
of online experiences start on a search engine
of clicks go to websites on the 1st page of Google
more clicks go to organic results than do ads
of global e-commerce traffic comes from search engines
searches are performed on Google every second
of users ignore ads in search results
of all Google searches are local
of local search queries result in a sale within 24 hours

OUR SEO Process

We achieve 1st page rankings for clients by adhering to proven SEO strategies and tactics developed over the course of 7-years and hundreds of clients. These strategies and tactics are packaged into our SEO Program which is then tailored to your business.

FREE SEO Consultation

Schedule your consultation today and start increasing your exposure to incredibly qualified Inbound Leads who are already looking for the products and/or service you offer.


Technical SEO Optimization

Google examines several elements of your website to determine its Search Engine Friendliness (SXE). We optimize these elements to improve your SXE. The higher your SXE, the higher you will rank for keywords relevant to your business. Learn more about these elements by hovering over the boxes below

Title Tags

Title Tags are the clickable blue links for webpages seen on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) & are a significant ranking signal. We optimize your Title Tags so that they are search engine friendly.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are the short summaries of webpages seen under Title Tags. Searchers reference them when deciding whether to click on your Title Tag. We optimize them to improve click-through.

ALT Text

Search engines cannot comprehend the meaning of images & videos. They rely on Alternative Text (ALT Text) to do so. ALT Text describe images & videos for search engines. We optimize your website’s ALT Text.

Header Tags

Header Tags define HTML headings & are organized <h1> to <h6>. Search engines consider the text in your Header Tags to be more important than standard website page copy. We optimize your Header Tags.

Load Speeds

Load Speed is critical to user experience (U/X) & U/X is a major ranking signal for search engines. We optimize your website to improve load speeds on mobile & desktop therefore improving search performance.


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is used to describe the presentation of webpage elements. Often there are errors with the CSS code of websites. We optimize your CSS to ensure search engine friendliness.