SEO for Dentists

People use search engines to find Dental Services everyday. Whether trying to find a new neighborhood dentist “family dentists near me,” to schedule a teeth cleaning appointment “affordable teeth cleaning services,” to fix a cavity “how do I get rid of cavities,” etc.; people actively turn to search engines to be pointed in the right direction. We provide Local SEO for Dentists to get you in front of highly qualified leads searching for the Dental Services you provide.

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SEO for Dentists

SEO Stats for Dentists

Want to know how SEO can help dentists? The numbers speak for themselves

of adults in the U.S. use the Internet
of online experiences start on a search engine
of clicks go to websites on the 1st page of Google
searches are performed on Google every second
of searches are local
of local searches results in a sale

SEO for Dentists

We provide full-service dental SEO services to designed to rank your dental practice at the top of search results for geographically specific keywords related to the dental services you provide. To do so, we employ the following local search engine optimization deliverables.

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How SEO Helps Dentists

Dentists benefit heavily from SEO due to the low Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) of leads and their high Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). For example, the average CPA of a Dental Services lead generated by SEO is $0.81 yet that same lead is likely to spend roughly $11,250 over a 10-year period. SEO delivers these valuable leads by getting you in front of them when they are searching for the Dental Services you provide.

SEO Agency for Dentists

Low Competition

Organic Rankings are often overlooked by Dentists when undertaking efforts to increase visibility on search engines. Instead, most Dentists invest in Paid Rankings via Pay-Per-Click (PPC) strategies like Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Yelp Ads, etc. This means that organic rankings (earned via SEO) are relatively easy to obtain due to the simple fact that there is a general lack of effort/competition for these rankings. We are typically able to achieve 1st page rankings for between 50-100 Dental Services Keywords within 30-45 days.

On-Page Optimizations

Local Search Engine Optimization requires the execution of on-page optimizations to your website intended to improve their search engine friendliness. We optimize the elements below.

Title Tags

Title Tags are the clickable blue links for webpages seen on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) & are a significant ranking signal. We optimize your Title Tags so that they are search engine friendly.

Meta Descriptions

Meta Descriptions are the short summaries of webpages seen under Title Tags. Searchers reference them when deciding whether to click on your Title Tag. We optimize them to improve click-through.

ALT Text

Search engines cannot comprehend the meaning of images & videos. They rely on Alternative Text (ALT Text) to do so. ALT Text describe images & videos for search engines. We optimize your website’s ALT Text.

Header Tags

Header Tags define HTML headings & are organized <h1> to <h6>. Search engines consider the text in your Header Tags to be more important than standard website page copy. We optimize your Header Tags.

Load Speeds

Load Speed is critical to user experience (U/X) & U/X is a major ranking signal for search engines. We optimize your website to improve load speeds on mobile & desktop therefore improving search performance.


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is used to describe the presentation of webpage elements. Often there are errors with the CSS code of websites. We optimize your CSS to ensure search engine friendliness.

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